Property for sale at Divar Island, Goa

Divar Island is located across the river Mandovi from Old Goa (about 20min to Panjim via the new Highway). The property is located in a quiet part of Diwar Island. It has paddy fields on two sides and a small lake to the backside. The property has direct road access of about 4m width.
Total area of the property is 1950 sqm with an existing structure of 288 sqm (see attached photos). There is a large fruit bearing mango tree and a fresh water well on the property. The property is located in the settlement zone and could be suitable for a private villa or a smaller row house project.
The exact location as well as shape of the property can be seen on google maps: click here.
For more info send an email to or WhatsApp on +919765364456.

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