Yoga, Mantra and Massage Retreat (3rd – 9th Dec 2017)

Infinity pool in the Jungle (Photo by Hoshner Reporter/ The reDiscovery Project)


Join us this December for a rejuvenating yoga, mantra and massage retreat in the beautiful jungle of Goa, India! At the Plantation we will make a journey inwards using gentle yoga practices, mantra singing and the healing practice of Thai Yoga Massage. This retreat is a gift for your senses, as we will explore the spices and plants of the plantation as well as the beautiful natural surroundings. A relaxed, calming, small-scale retreat with lots of free time to connect with yourself and each other in a loving and natural space of being. Yoga, mantra and massage practices will be guided from the heart by Jeska Onderwater. 

Limited spots available at introductory prices. Write in at for more details and bookings.


  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian home cooked meals daily + early morning fruit juice, free flow herbal tea throughout the day
  • All meditation, yoga and mantra practices
  • 2 Introductory Thai Yoga Massage workshops
  • Many other activities such as a cooking class with fresh ingredients from the fields, a spice tour at the plantation and the possibility to get involved with organic farming on the property.


  • Plantation Cottage (king size bed) Euro 275 or Rs 21,100 pp in double occupancy when booked together/ 400 Euro or Rs 30,600 p.p. in single occupancy
  • Cozy Cottage with open to the sky bathroom (2 single beds) Euro 275 or Rs 21,100 pp in double occupancy when booked together/ 400 Euro or Rs 30,600 p.p. in single occupancy
  • Family Cottage with open to the sky bathroom (4 single beds) Euro 220 or Rs 16,900 pp in quad occupancy, can be booked individually.

(not included are: travel costs, optional excursion to Dudhsagar and Tambdi Surla, optional visit to Portuguese Era Heritage Homes at Chandor)

Type of practices: Vinyasa Flow + Yin + Meditation + Mantra + Ritual + Ayurveda + Thai Yoga Massage

Vinyasa flow yoga is an active, creative form of yoga in which you move through a series of postures with attention for breath-initiated movement, helping you to connect to your body, mind and soul. By moving your body mindfully and creating space for your intuition to speak, this type of yoga opens the door for looking within yourself and creating flexibility and strength in your body.

Yin yoga is a calming practice in which poses are held for a longer amount of time with the help of props, allowing the body to release tension on the deeper levels of the tissues. This type of yoga stills body and mind and is especially suited for afternoon and evening practices. Practicing both yin and yang (like vinyasa flow) yoga helps to maintain balance of both energies in the body.

Ayurveda comprises the holistic and ancient health wisdom of India; ayur means ‘life’ and ‘veda’ stands for knowledge. Ayurveda teaches the knowledge of life and how to live a life in tune with nature. In this retreat we will look into the basic principles of Ayurveda and applying them in cooking class.

Thai Yoga Massage is a meditative and healing type of massage practice in which both the giver and receiver engage in a sacred dance of energy. It is a gentle form of massage in which you use your own body weight to massage. It originates as the healing practice of Doctor Shivago, the personal doctor of the Buddha, emphasizing the qualities of loving kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita) and equanimity (upekkha).

Yoga, Massage and Mantra Singing will be guided by Jeska Onderwater

Jeska guides yoga classes and singing circles from and for the heart. In her classes and with her music she facilitates a process of connecting with your intuition through yoga, mantra, meditation, music and writing. Her workshops and singing circles always contain a mixture of different disciplines. She believes that creativity and spirituality are complementary and encourages others to explore their unique combination of the two. Jeska’s yoga classes connect you with your inner voice and help you find a place of stillness in movement. She will guide active vinyasa morning classes and occasional calming yin yoga classes in the evening. She often finishes her classes with a heart-opening musical surprise: