Now brewing… Cashew Feni

Cashew fruits
Freshly harvested cashew fruits
Our locally brewed Cashew Feni is one of the favorite souvenirs that our guests take home from Goa. While the Cashew tree is native to South America, it was introduced to Goa by the Portuguese a few hundred years ago. But the uniquely fruity flavored Feni and it’s equally if not more delicious ‘little brother’ Urak were invented here in Goa (Feni was recently awarded Geographical Indication status as a specialty alcoholic beverage from Goa).

Cashew Feni distillation
Cashew Feni distillation
Cashew is a hardy crop that can make do with little or no irrigation. Hence, it’s often grown on rocky slopes or hills where it’s difficult to cultivate other crops. In Goa, the Cashew season runs roughly from March to May. To produce high quality liquor, only the fully ripe Cashew fruits are collected. Juice is extracted manually by trampling the fruits with the feet. The juice is then fermented for two to three days before the first cycle of destillation. This yields Urak, a comparatively light alcoholic beverage – which we use to make our special longdrink ‘Jungle Juice’. Urak is further distilled to produce the stronger Feni (a good Feni in my opinion would have about 55% alc).

How to make Jungle Juice


* 60 – 90 ml high quality Urak (beware of spurious industrially produced Urak sold in some liquor shops… it tastes miserable and does the image of Urak a total disservice)
* Ice cubes
* Lemon
* Dash of Lemonade (ideally Limca) to sweeten
* Soda
* Rock Salt


Put some ice cubes in a long drink glass. Add Urak. Squeeze in a little fresh lemon juice. Add a dash of lemonade. Top up with ice cold soda, add a pinch of rock salt, enjoy!

*** We are currently brewing – contact us for your requirement of locally brewed guaranteed 100% pure Feni and Urak ***

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