Dudhsagar farmstay

Experience Nature

5 Cottages on a 50 acre property
with spice garden, nature trail and a unique natural pool.

Panorama Pool


Pool at the base of Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Jeep ride into Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, ending with a refreshing dip under the waterfall

View of Tambdi Surla Temple

Tambdi Surla Temple & Waterfall

Goa's best kept secret: visit Goa's oldest temple and hike to an off beat waterfall in the forest

Saveri Waterfall & Usgalimol Rock Carvings

Visit Saveri Waterfall at Netravli and a pre historic rock carving site

Our Cottages

Live in the midst of a tropical palm-garden,
with exotic plants, birds and butterflies.

Front View of Plantation Cottage
Veranda of Plantation Cottage
Bedroom of Plantation Cottage
Bathroom of Plantation Cottage
Bathroom of Plantation Cottage
Our Cozy Cottage
Bedroom of Cozy Cottage
Open to the sky bathroom
The Family Cottage
Spacious Veranda
Room for four adults
Spacious bathroom